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  • Ottawa has been ranked as the best city to live in Canada for the second year in a row
  • The Ottawa Capital region welcomes more than 7.3 million visitors annually
  • Ottawa has a larger land area than Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Montreal combined
  • Ottawa is the second largest city in Ontario by population
  • Ottawa ranks as the most educated city in the country
  • Ottawa is the fourth cleanest city out of 300 major cities ranked around the world

More Interesting Facts

  • Population over 1.2 million
  • Highest median incomes before tax of any Canadian City 2010: $90,790
  • English 50% French 32%
  • Ranked 18th worldwide for quality of life
  • Ranked 1st in North America as the least expensive major city
  • There are more than 14 museums in Ottawa, and the Canadian Museum of Civilization is the most visited museum in Canada
  • There are 35 major festivals in Ottawa. The Canadian Tulip Festival held every May, is one of the most famous
  • Ottawa has more scientists, engineers and PhD’s per capita than any other city in Canada
  • Ottawa has the largest tech park and federal employment node in Canada
  • Diversified economic structure:
    • 22% Public Administration
    • 18% Education and Health Care Services
    • 21% Professional Services
    • 9% Goods Producing Sector

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