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Say “NO” to Conflict of Interest

Not All Brokerages Are The Same.

Small by design, Faulkner Real Estate is a boutique brokerage comprised of like-minded Realtors sharing common values.  Our dedicated professionals provide our clients with the level of service they would hope to receive.  We are as selective about entering into client relationships as you are.

Since its inception in 2000 Faulkner Real Estate has taken a firm stand against Brokerages representing both buyer and seller during negotiations on a property.   In response to consumer demands the Ontario Government is just now considering legislative changes that will ban multiple representation, also known as double ending.

Flexible Compensation

Faulkner Real Estate does not have a commission policy. Supporting Faulkner Real Estate, a strong and independent Brokerage encourages competitive pricing for services.

Community Focused

Faulkner Real Estate believes that it is important for our Realtors to specialize.  We focus on urban communities where properties are typically unique and sell quickly.  No one Realtor can be expected to keep pace with this brisk market.  Our Realtors maintain knowledge within specific communities with the view of sharing with each other and our clients.  Our unique business model is a benefit of great value to our clients as it allows them to draw upon our vast, collective knowledge.

We Direct Inquiries to the Seller’s Chosen Realtor

Faulkner Real Estate believes that Sellers thoughtfully choose the Realtor to market their home and represent their best interests.  We respect the Seller’s decision and will only permit their listing to be shared on websites that prominently identify the Seller’s Realtor.  The vast majority of Brokerages in Canada have given permission for all of their listings to be displayed on websites that direct inquiries to Realtors that are not familiar with your property.

The Founder Is “In The House”

Our Company founder and Broker of Record, is available to all our clients.   This means that you will be able to work with your chosen Realtor and draw upon our founder’s 35 years of experience.