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Not All Brokerages Are the Same. 

Small by design, Faulkner Real Estate is a residential brokerage offering boutique, personalized service.   Our dedicated professionals are like minded and provide our clients with the level of service they would hope to receive.

Since its inception in 2000 Faulkner Real Estate has taken a firm stand against Brokerages representing both buyer and seller on the same transaction.   Say “NO” to multiple representation.

Progressive Compensation Options

Faulkner Real Estate offers progressive compensation options, including flat fee, to reflect time taken to sell and the value of the property.  Supporting Faulkner Real Estate, a strong and independent Brokerage, encourages competitive pricing for services within the industry.

Community Focused

Faulkner Real Estate, for the 3rd consecutive year, donates 100% of their winter profits to serve the needs of their community.

We Direct Inquiries to the Seller’s Chosen Realtor

It is important to Sellers that their Realtor is intimately familiar with their home and the benefits of their community.  Faulkner Real Estate represents the seller’s best interests by directing all inquiries to the seller’s chosen Realtor.

The Founder Is “In The House”

The extensive knowledge and savvy negotiating skills of the founder, with 38 years of experience,  is available to all clients of Faulkner Real Estate.