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Not All Brokerages Are the Same. 

Small By Design

Faulkner Real Estate is a residential brokerage offering boutique, personalized service. Honoured by the Chamber of Commerce in 2000 for introducing innovative and client-focused business practices, Faulkner Real Estate continues to be a leader in the Ottawa real estate industry.

Say “NO” to Conflict of Interest

Faulkner Real Estate was founded on the principle that conflict of interest scenarios in which a brokerage represents both buyer and seller should be avoided, at all costs.  Ask us how our unique business model allows us to serve the needs of both buyers and sellers while achieving our goal.

Progressive Compensation Options

Faulkner Real Estate offers consumers both traditional percentage and flat fee commission options.  Faulkner Real Estate is a strong, independent brokerage and encourages competitive pricing for services within the real estate industry.

Who is responding to inquiries on your listing?

Faulkner Real Estate believes that it is in the seller’s best interest that inquiries on listings be directed to the homeowner’s chosen agent.


Faulkner Real Estate believes it is important for our Realtors to specialize and support the communities in which we live and work.  Everyone benefits.

The Founder Is “In The House”

Our founder, an upstanding Realtor with a career spanning 40 years, is on call and available  24/7/365.